Given a GPCR structure and a ligand structure, optimized complex structures are generated
by docking and refinement. Input GPCR structure without gaps in the middle is recommended.
Up to five gaps in the input GPCR structure can be filled if its full sequence is submitted together.

User Information
Job name
E-mail address (Optional)
Input GPCR and ligand structures
PDB File
(≤1000 AA)

Protein Structure File (allowed file extensions: pdb, txt)
Sequence File (Optional)
(≤1000 AA)

Protein Sequence File (allowed file extensions: fa, fasta, seq)
Ligand File
(≤150 atoms)

Ligand Structure File (allowed file extensions: mol2, pdb, xyz)
Note: Ligand structure with stereochemically wrong topology might results in inaccurate docking. (e.g. 2D-projected structure of non-planar ligands)
Binding pocket residues (Optional)
Binding pocket residues
(≤10 res)

Residue numbers should follow the input PDB file residue numbering.
Up to 10 residue numbers can be submitted in integers separated by commas
(example: 51,64,78).
Refinement option
Energy function GPCR (default)
Soluble protein (binding pocket residue numbers must be assigned above)